Hey Everybody… It’s Fun Friday!

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It’s Fun Friday Everyone!

Here at Tyent USA, we take our work very seriously…but not ourselves so much.  So by the time Friday afternoon rolls around we’re all for relaxing a little, unwinding, and just having some fun.

This Fun Friday I want to share a few dumb criminal stories with you that police officers from across the country shared with me and also give you a link to a prank video on YouTube that just cracks me up.  This of course, all in the spirit of good fun!

When I was younger I spent a couple years criss-crossing the country interviewing police officers about the dumbest criminals they’d ever encountered.  Here are a couple I think you’ll like.

This first one I call Positive I D.

In Brunswick, Georgia, a detective told me that he and his partner were less than a block away when the call came in from a little strip-mall where a receptionist’s purse had just been stolen.  She had come out of the restroom just in time to see a man exiting the store with her purse in hand, who then ran off.

With a quick description and while his partner interviewed the victim, the detective began to cruise the area to see if the purse-snatcher might still be around.  As he turned down a nearby alley he spotted a man who fit the description running like the wind just ahead of him.  Any hope of escape quickly faded as the man realized he had entered a dead-end.  With no way out, he threw up his hands and surrendered.  The officer placed him in handcuffs and put him in the backseat.  While returning to the scene of the crime, he radioed ahead and told his partner that he had apprehended a suspect and was on his way back and to please have the woman stand in the window when they pulled up for a positive I D.  The detective then informed the suspect that he was taking him back to the strip-mall for a positive identification.  The man nodded that he understood.

When they arrived, he had the suspect exit the vehicle and face the window for a positive I D.  The man did exactly as instructed…but with one twist.  Before anyone could say a word, the suspect looked up at the office window, saw the victim and blurted out, “Yes sir…that’s her…that’s the woman I robbed!”

He was of course arrested and taken to jail.  The detective told me that he was just stunned and never in twenty years of fighting crime had any suspect ever positively identified his victim.

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Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s a short one named D.O.B.

This time, I was in Birmingham, Alabama, at a police station where a man was being booked on a drug related charge.  The officer was taking down the man’s information; name, address, things of this nature, when he asked the man “What’s your DOB”?  The man replied:

“What do mean”?

“Your date of birth… when’s your birthday”?

“Oh…May 5th”, he said.

“Well what year”?

“Every year man”!

Go figure.

Group of scared people

“Be afraid…be very afraid”

– The Fly

You know, there are two things that scare me, creepy dolls and dead people that don’t stay that way.  This prank has both.  I know humor is subjective but I find this really funny and feel you will too.  The devilish little girl in this video is just great.  Check it out and have a happy, Fun Friday!

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