What is a Water Ionizer? (New + Improved)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On November 13, 2014 7:17 pm

It is somewhat amazing the number of people from all over the world who are contacting Tyent each day wanting to learn more about alkaline ionized water, water ionizers, and how Tyent’s machines work.  Many people had essentially the same question but some first wanted to know what exactly a water ionizer is.

Tyent water ionizers are in a class by themselves.

First question up.

What is a Water Ionizer?

At its core, a water ionizer is a machine.  Only this machine is specially designed to filter, ionize and alkalize ordinary tap water.  A transubstantiation of sorts: changing one thing into something entirely different.  It’s important to note that the water created by Tyent water ionizers is  filled with …

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