Staying Hydrated During a Poker Game

Playing poker is not as easy as some people think. In fact, it can be as gruelling mentally as any other sport, as you can see on  Unlike other casino games that are based purely on luck, poker has a lot to do with the skills of the player and less with chance. Staying focused is key to making the right choices during a game, but so is staying well hydrated, and we will explain why in the following paragraphs.

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Dehydration is your enemy

Dehydration impairs your cognitive functions. Apart from the fact that your throat will be dry and achy thus driving your attention away from the game, your alertness will be decreased. Your energy levels will drop and you might be tempted to have a sugary drink that will worsen the situation. Ionized water is the best way to stay hydrated because your body also needs electrolytes not just pure water. Ionized water is rich in minerals and antioxidants, thus ensuring proper health in the long term. According to clinical studies, this type of water increases energy levels. This will prevent you from drinking energy drinks that make your heart race and ruin your level of focus. Energy drinks give you a hype that does not allow you to concentrate. Many people feel agitated without noticing an improvement in alertness.

An important thing to remember is that one should never consume alcoholic beverages during poker games. First of all, alcohol clouds your judgment, and second, it dehydrates your body. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol drives water out of your system which is why you experience a hangover after the drunkenness is gone.

Get enough rest

Playing poker is not only about skill and chance. Your state of health is also important yet it’s always overlooked. The lifestyle of the average gambler is considered to be wild and promiscuous but in the end it’s up to you. Resisting the urge to waste nights in a row drinking alcohol in nightclubs is beneficial not only for your health (your liver will thank you for that), but also for your game.

A rested player is more alert and can see patterns clearly. If you want to play the traditional face to face poker game, you will need all your focus to see subtle signs about the other players. Remember that in real poker games you play the player while in online poker you play the cards. The better you are at probabilities and assessing risks, the better you will be at online poker. On the other hand, traditional poker players need to develop the ability to read people accurately with ease.

Become an affiliate

Maybe all this gambling stuff is not how you want to earn money. What if I told that you can earn just as much money without actually having to gamble? Yes, this is possible and it somehow takes the risk out of the equation. Certain investments are required but you don’t leave anything up to chance as you would do in a poker game. We are talking about becoming an affiliate to a reputed online casino. Our recommendation is Ladbrokes, but you are free to choose whatever program you like.

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