Safe Storage For Water Ionizer Devices

When was the last time you concerned yourself with the quality of the water you drink daily? Did you know that you can get more health benefits if you start to use a water ionizer machine? You can also use certain procedures to safely store ionized water, especially if you wish to give your water to friends or family, or if you simply wish to carry your water with you. Of course you should also consider the risk of having your water ionizer machine stolen, especially if it is a more expensive one. Below you will discover a few useful tips on how to store your ionized alkaline water as well as your water ionizer device.

Best Ways To Store Your Ionized Alkaline Water

  • Use special containers for storing your ionized alkaline water. Opt for glass mason jars or plastic containers that do not have any BPA in them. Bottles made from stainless steel that are vacuum-sealed also make for good choices.

  • Do not allow the water to he exposed to air by filling the container of your choice to the top. Keep in mind the water -ORP degrades when exposed to air. This is why it is mandatory to avoid getting air into the container.

  • Place the container in the refrigerator for proper storage.'

  • According to a Japanese study, acidic electrolyzed water can be preserved for an entire year under proper shade and seal conditions. When exposed to light, the same water will become inert after three days, despite of the pH values remaining stable for one year.

Keeping Your Water Ionizer Device Safe

  • Just like the rest of the valuables around the house, you will most definitely want your water ionizer to stick with you for as long as possible. So unless you somehow break it on your own, you have every chance of enjoying it for a long time. Unless someone beaks into your home and decides to steal them. Never thought of it? Why not? After all, thieves have been reported to steal the strangest things ranging from beer, steak, ice cream to allergy medicine, laundry detergent, or catalytic converters! So why wouldn't your water ionizer device present any interest to a potential intruder inside your house?

  • Talk to a 247locksmithservice technician and ask them to reinforce security around your home. You can never have too much security in place, and if you haven't assessed your locks or done any service for a long time, chances are you need to fix things right away.

  • Check the locks on your entryways and see if they need any repair or re-keying done. If you know nothing about locks, have a professional locksmith help you out. They might recommend to install a brand new set of locks to replace the overly-worn out one, or add a deadbolt lock to them.

  • Install small-keyed locks on your windows and a home alarm, as they are excellent deterrents for potential intruders.

  • Use your common sense when managing your keys and always double check when you lock the doors behind you.

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