The 4 Most Important Factors When Buying a Water Ionizer

We guarantee that if you stick to this list you will be drinking the purest, healthiest ionized alkaline water available with the best hydrogen and antioxidant levels, -ORP and pH levels.

Plus, you will have the best alkaline water machine that produces many different pH levels for other non-drinking uses to help save you money and to help you look and feel great.

3Higher amperage means safe drinking water
4Lifetime warranty and long trial

The size, type, material and number of plates is what matters the most. Choose a 9-plate or 11-plate unit with Solid/Mesh hybrid plates that are at least 7”x4” (don’t skimp on this). Make sure that the ionizer plates are made from medical grade, strengthened titanium that is dipped multiple times in platinum.

The unit must have 2 filters and they must be Ultra filters only. No exceptions! Make sure the company offers pre-filters for unique water types like well water and soft water, etc.

A 9-plate water ionizer with 8 amps will produce super pH levels and -ORP levels without adding chemicals. An 11-plate ionizer will need 10 amps, no exceptions. Do not buy a unit with a chemical injection port that adds a salt or saline solution unless you are looking to make a form of bleach! Himalayan salts sound exotic, but not when you want pure and healthy ionized water.

Tyent USA is the only company who offers a zero-stipulation lifetime warranty and a 75-day trial. Why settle for less?

Luxury Features of Water Ionizers

There are some luxury water ionizer upgrade features that add a nice touch of convenience and sophistication. Look for options like:

  • Under-the-counter styles
  • Design features such as a stainless steel front
  • Flood prevention sensors
  • Advanced touch screens that are digital LCD or smartphone-inspired
  • Automatic self-cleaning features

Tyent alkaline water ionizers
produce the
purest and healthiest ionized
water available!

Shop Water Ionizers “The Tyent UCE 9000T is a high-tech home water ionizer that will give you the best water available—on a couple different levels.”

Do You Need a Water Ionizer Treatment System?

If you care about the health and wellness of you and your family, then you should have a water ionizer. There are many benefits to drinking ionized, alkaline water. Check out these water ionizer testimonials and clinical studies to learn about some of those benefits!

Bottled Alkaline Water?

When it comes to fresh alkaline water versus bottled alkaline water, there is no comparison! There are many reasons why fresh alkaline water from a water ionizer machine always comes out on top, and you can read how alkaline water from a water ionizer is better than bottled alkaline water here.

5 Top Water Ionizers Compared!

Tyent Kangen Chanson Jupiter Air Water Life Category Winner
Maximum number of plates 11 7 7 9 7 Tyent
Dual Ultra Filtration YES NO NO YES NO Tyent, Jupiter
Turbo Mode Availability YES NO NO NO NO Tyent
Lifetime Warranty YES NO NO NO NO Tyent
Highest - ORP up to - 1050* up to - 850* up to - 780* up to - 800* up to - 750* Tyent
Made in Korea or Japan YES YES NO YES NO Tyent, Kangen, Jupiter
Chemical-Free YES NO NO NO YES Tyent, Air Water Life
Solid/ Mesh Hybrid Plates YES NO NO NO NO Tyent
SMPS Plus Power Supply YES NO NO NO NO Tyent

Get the Best Water Ionizer
for the Best Price

$895 for a water ionizer is a great deal…or is it? It sure sounds great,
especially if the materials and the quality is the same as a $4,000 water ionizer.

The reality? It’s not the same.

Question: So, do I need to buy a $4,000 water ionizer?

Answer: No!

Choosing a water ionizer that costs around $800 to $1200 is not worth the health risk. Here’s why: The key components, especially the plates (electrodes) can corrode and poison the water if they are made from subpar materials or metals. Ionizers that are made in China or Taiwan do not have the same strict manufacturing guidelines as Korea and Japan, so don’t put your health at risk by taking a chance on water ionizers from China or Taiwan.

5 TIPS ON HOW TO REALLY SAVE MONEY ON A WATER IONIZER Top Tip: Keep Your Eyes Open for Great Water Ionizer Sales!

Shop sales! Many manufacturers, including Tyent, offer sales where you could save $1,000 or

Buy medical-grade, platinum-coated titanium plates only. Permelec plates are the best. That
way, you can rest assured that you have a lifetime of safe ionized water.

Insist on an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau which will ensure that the company
sells only top-rated water ionizers and that they stand behind quality.

Only buy machines with the following water ionizer certifications

Look for the newest, most advanced water ionizer features to ensure that you get the best
negative ORP levels (antioxidants), the best pH levels and the best molecular breakdown for
optimal hydration. The key features to insist on are:

  • -Solid/Mesh hybrid plates (water ionizer electrodes)
  • -SMPS Plus
  • -Plates should be at least 7” x 4”
  • -9 or 11 plates are now the industry standard for optimal benefits
  • -Dual filters
  • -Lifetime warranty with no stipulations. Some companies offer a lifetime warranty but then have pages
    of small print with stipulations that you need to follow or your warranty will be void. Having to follow
    these rules can cost you time and money.

The Key Point: Don't Put Your Health at Risk for What Seems Like a Great Deal!
Check Out Tyent’s Water Ionizer Sale and Make a Smart Water Ionizer Buy Today!

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Tyent’s Top Water Ionizers

Available in 2 styles:

  • 1. Countertop models are available with 9 or 11 plates.
  • 2. Under-the-counter models are also available with 9 or 11 plates.

Tyent’s 9-plate water ionizers are headline-worthy!

  • The MMP 9090 Turbo and UCE-9000 Turbo have been written up and bragged about in popular magazines, journals, websites and TV shows.
  • Many celebrities and athletes now own a Tyent water ionizer.
  • Both units offer a Turbo button that enable the unit to create super pH and -ORP levels.
  • Both units carry all of the most important certifications.
  • Both units offer more plate surface area than any of our competitors.


Tyent’s 9-plate and 11-plate units!

2016 Hot Launch

Tyent just released its 2016 all new 11-plate water ionizer, the ACE-11! The ACE-11 features our fastest flow rate ever! This machine is also smaller and streamlined so it fits nice and snug on your countertop. Changing filters is a breeze with our new Easy Load™ Filters which you can change from the front of your machine. The Tyent ACE-11 is pre-fitted with the max amperage to give you the highest levels of hydrogen and healthy antioxidants. While our 11-plate unit offers a load of features, there are three really unique and fun features that always make our customers revel in delight.

Tyent Water Ionizer Unique and Fun Features


Our smartphone-inspired touch screen is available on both our 9-plate and 11-plate under-the-counter models. It looks so sleek and it’s so easy to use.


Our units talk! Our units speak 6 different languages and will let you know what level you are drinking, when the unit is going through a cleaning cycle and when to change the filters.


Our super fast flow rate is 40% faster than any other ionizer on the market.

What will Tyent think of next? Whatever it is, we will continue to be ahead of the competition.

Tyent under counter extreme UCE 9000 water ionizer

"Tyent customers get exactly what they want when they want it!"


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