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Dealer Testimonials


"The Tyent UCE 9000  is the modern, top of the line, absolutely best machine on the market today, with the only LIFETIME WARRANTY that has zero stipulations in the industry!"

-Ruth Billings

Louisville, KY

"We've never had a Tyent customer ask for a return and warranty issues have been non-existent."

-Jay Cunningham

Williamsburg, VA

"A great benefit that I enjoy as a Tyent dealer is that I can make extra income while most importantly, help friends, family and others I meet in this business, to reach a better level of health."

-Marco A. Rossil

Gordonsvile, VA

"Now, I not only make money, but I also make a difference in peoples' lives!"

-Ira Soebroto

Santa Monica, CA

"Now, I not only make money but I also make the difference in people’s lives!!"

-Lynda Smith

Pollok, TX

“What stands out is the costumer service, the quality of the products, their warranties and most of all the ability to help people obtain optimal health.”

-Ray Vigil

Colorado Springs, CO

“If you’re going to be successful at selling a product, you’ve got to believe that it represents the absolute best choice for customers.  That’s exactly why I chose to become a Tyent dealer.”

- Austin Buce


“My customers have seen numerous benefits from drinking alkaline ionized water and absolutely love their Tyent systems. Tyent systems are built with quality and they stand behind their products.”

-Diane McConnell

Keller, Texas

"Tyent has the best value, service, technology and warranty. I am glad to be a Dealer, part of the team and a proud owner of the Best Ionizer on the market today.“

-Eric Rotmil

Orlando, FL

“Thank you Tyent Team for the support.”

-John Daily

Long Beach, CA

"TYENT WATER is the healthy choice for the entire family. It's innovative designs are expressive. The LIFETIME warranty and financing opportunities makes it a unique, affordable and wise investment!"

-Mike Baskerville


“Thank you Tyent for all the help. Your customer service is great, and I appreciate your continued support. I hope this is just the beginning of a long term relationship with Tyent USA. Keep up the great work!”

-Patrick Smith

Norfolk, Virginia

“I am so happy I chose Tyent Water over all of the other competitors. My machine is so attractive in our little kitchen. It is so easy to run yet has 55 settings. Our food tastes so much better including our liquids that mix so well with this water. I am actually feeling more active and have better mental clarity within such a minimal amount of time. Hope my enthusiasm can be felt through this letter. Tyent Is a great Company with a great product. Can't wait to get into gear and help others with this water.
Thank You Nicole and Tyent!”

-Dan Holz

Lincoln City, OR

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