Tyent USA’s Tasty Thursday Recipes

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 11, 2014 4:55 pm


                         It’s About Time for Some Comfort Food!


 Chef-OkayWhile the temperature is still a little warm in some areas, in others, it is beginning to cool down a bit, especially in the evenings.


Originally from the mid-west, I grew up with warm Springs, hot Summers, beautiful Falls and bone chilling Winters.  Needless to say (but I will), I love the changing of the seasons.  Aside from the aesthetic beauty each season holds, with a change in the weather comes a change in the menu.


Springtime offered a welcomed, lighter fare than the heavier food of a cold winter with salads and sandwiches and the like.  Summertime brought on anything that could be grilled from burgers to steaks to barbecued

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