5 Beach Bag Essentials

Posted by: tyent On July 16, 2013 5:52 pm

5 Beach Bag Essentials

Wow!  It sure is hot outside these days!  We hope you are able to spend some of your summer at the beachto cool off.  Here are the top five things the staff members at Tyent USA always pack in our beach bags.

5 beach bag essentials

1.  Sunblock.  We can all agree that sunblock is a must, not only on the beach , but also for all outdoor activities in the blazing hot sun.

2.  GoodLife bottle.  We like to freeze alkaline water in ice cube trays for alkaline ice cubes.  Fill up a GoodLife bottle with Tyent Water and add the alkaline ice cubes to take with you to the beach.  Your water will stay freezing cold. 

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