Tyent USA and Super Foods

Posted by: acray On July 1, 2014 7:40 pm


What are Super Foods and What is so Super about Them?




We hear so much these days about the so-called super foods, but I wanted to know what criteria are used to determine whether a food qualifies as super.

¬†Here is what I learned.¬† As with most topics of discussion, there are many variables.¬† The first one being subjectivity.¬† Being subjective usually translates to ‚Äúin my opinion.‚Ä̬† While many experts agree which foods qualify as super foods, many do not.¬† It is subjective.¬† There used to be about five to ten foods on the super list, but in my research, I have discovered lists of ten, twenty, and even as many as a hundred foods

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