Allison Tibbs – Personal Fitness Trainer

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 12, 2017 7:00 am

San Francisco-based Allison Tibbs is a Personal Trainer, Healthy Lifestyle Coach and all-round inspiration when it comes to treating your body right!  If you haven’t discovered her awesome pages yet, then you’re in for a treat!   

Allison Tibbs and Tyent Water – now that’s a dreamteam!
What Are YOU Capable Of?

Allison is all about energy and encouragement! Letting you in on her workouts, some exceptionally photogenic food and motivational quotes, Allison manages to reach out to even the couchiest of couch potatoes and show them what their brilliant bodies are capable of!

Inspiring Everyone!

Some healthy living blogs can be little more than a showcase for the author’s own achievements.  Allison’s Instagram Feed sure celebrates her successes but …

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5 Hot and Trendy Cleanses That Use Alkaline Water!

Posted by: William Poole On January 16, 2016 9:00 am

Celebrities are known to use them to slim down for film roles and photo shoots.  And brides-to-be are known to use them to tone up for their wedding day. But anyone can benefit from a detoxifying diet!

Look like a movie star, cleanse yourself with alkaline water.
Look like a movie star, cleanse yourself with alkaline water.

According to naturopathic doctor Linda Paige,

“Anybody can benefit from a cleansing. The body is coming out of what might be called hibernation. It’s a way you can jump-start your body for a more active life, a healthier life.”

The premise of all detox diets is to cleanse the body of the toxins that build up over time. These toxins include pesticides on the plants we eat, chemicals in the meats …

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