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Tyent Water Ionizer's
Hydration Benefits

The benefits you will receive from your Tyent water ionizer are endless. You will look and feel better than ever because Tyent ionized alkaline water is so energizing. Start your new healthy lifestyle today.

What will you do when you have more energy and feel amazing? What will you say when your friends compliment you on how your skin is glowing?

Nutritionists, doctors and coaches recommend our water to their clients, patients and players for optimal health and performance. With our water’s hydration ability and high antioxidant count, you will be on your way to the healthy lifestyle of your dreams in no time.

Tyent is featured all over the MEDIA and has COUNTLESS testimonials!

Don't just take our word for it! Tyent is proud to be featured in the media, and you can SEE how Tyent has positively impacted society through countless testimonials from EVERYDAY drinkers of Tyent Water!

Alkaline Water and Cancer…
Tyent is the
Only Ionizer for…

Tyent water ionizers are the top water ionizer of choice for the Oasis of Hope Cancer Center. See more testimonials here.

Tyent Water is helping keep the ENERGY up in this family! How can it help yours too?

The amazing benefits of Tyent Water produced by the ACE-11 are MANY! Learn more about how Tyent Water benefits energy and hydration.

When the choice is yours... Choose WISELY...

How can a Tyent Water Ionizer integrate into and improve your lifestyle? There are literally COUNTLESS ways!

Tyent Water can help you achieve your WEIGHT LOSS goals!

Dr. Lori Shemek, author of multiple weight loss books, discusses how Tyent Water helps battle Fatflammation within your body's cells. Dr. Lori has been featured on many major network television shows such as Fox and CNBC.

Check out the Tyent UCE in a million-dollar lake home!

The Tyent UCE is a timeless classic in almost ANY modern kitchen. What will the Tyent UCE Water Ionizer look like in your home??

Portable Water Purifier, Ionizer Pitcher - Tyent Tygo

The Tyent Tygo Water Ionizer is the single best solution if you are looking to drink pure & healthy Alkaline water when traveling or while you are camping.

The Tygo removes 99.9% of harmful chemicals like chlorine and heavy metal contaminants. It's BPA Free and delivers healthy and pure Alkaline water with a pH of 9.5.

No matter if you are camping out, hiking, or sporting outdoors the Tygo Portable Water Purifier comes handy delivering the best source of pure and healthy drinking water. Plus, you can always reuse your Tygo -- as it comes with a replaceable filter, so you need not have to worry about its performance.

Alkaline water...what is so special about it? We've all read or heard about alkaline water and its amazing health benefits, but there is so much more!

Alkaline water is great for more than drinking. There are so many incredible alkaline water benefits that we'll just shine a light on a few here. Did you know that with the right water ionizer setting you can turn your regular tap water into the ultimate cleaning product -- turbo-charged alkaline water? Additionally, the Tyent water ionizer doesn't require chemicals to achieve a high alkaline water pH like Kangen water ionizers. No more expensive chemicals to polish and shine your household surfaces!

Did you know that alkaline water can also better wash away the nasty herbicides and pesticides from your fruits and veggies? Most herbicides and pesticides are made to repel rain water so when you wash your food with regular water, it doesn't get rid of the chemicals at all. However, alkaline water quickly pulls the chemicals away from the food so you can serve fresh fruits and vegetables to your family without the worry of residual chemicals being ingested. Wow! All that just from a little water ionizer!

Of course, there's all the amazing alkaline water benefits for your health, too. Read more about alkaline water specifically from water ionizers HERE or check out the Tyent USA buyer's guide HERE. Or, of course, always feel free to contact us directly at 855-893-6887.

Fitness Experts PREFER Alkaline Water!

Check out how this high-profile gym called Willowbend Fitness integrated Tyent Ionized, Alkaline Water to help improve the hydration of their members!

Watch how Tyent Water cleans tomatoes and makes "endless" tea!

Tess from Tyent showcases the amazing properties of Tyent Water. With Tyent Water, how can you improve your lifestyle? Check out this video to see just a couple great uses of Tyent Ionized, Alkaline Water!

Tyent Water is a NECESSITY in this HOT Yoga studio!

Colleen Bourgeois is a professional yoga instructor in La Jolla, California. In her practice, she heats the room to 105 degrees! Watch and learn how "nothing has been more important in [her] life than Tyent Water!"

Check out this 30-year Chiropractor and why he supports Tyent!

Dr. Mark Cymerint has been a Chiropractor for over 30 years. Learn how Tyent Ionized, Alkaline water has been life-changing for him and why he recommends Tyent Water to all his patients!

Is that a luxury Mercedes Airstream RV with a built-in UCE-11!?

Curt LOVES traveling the country with his beautiful dog, Birdie. However, he was NOT willing to go anywhere without his life-changing Tyent Water! Check out this video to see how he was able to convince Mercedes Airstream to accommodate his custom need for a RV with a built-in UCE-11.

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