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Kangen Vs. Tyent Comparison
So Crazy!

This video is so shocking!!! If you have ever looked into buying a Kangen/Enagic machine, you will be amazed at the upgrades that Tyent water ionizers offer, which provide cleaner and healthier ionized alkaline water overall. If you are drinking alkaline water for your health, then watch this eye-opening video.

DISCOVERY and Cnet's Top Pick…
Best 11 Plate Ionizer

5 hints that your new Tyent water ionizer is the best system on the market.

  1. Tyent’s plates and filters are certified to be the safest. View our certifications.
  2. Tyent has the best customer service…don’t take our word for it, check out our A+ BBB rating, our 5 star Amazon ratings and our Reseller Reviews.
  3. Tyent is the ONLY water ionizer to ever be bragged about on websites who review advanced electronics such as Cnet, Discovery and GIZMODO.
  4. Tyent won ‘Water Ionizer of the Year’ five times from alkalinewater.com.
  5. Celebrities, pro athletes, coaches, doctors and nutritionists promote the benefits of Tyent alkaline water.

Got Bad Water? Advanced Water Ionizer Filtration for Well Water and Other Water Problems

The contaminants in our water sources can kill us. It can happen over time or in some cases right away. Water is one of those amenities that most of us take for granted. However, be advised that the old saying of “What you can’t see, can’t hurt you” can easily change to “What you can’t see, can definitely hurt you” when it comes to your drinking water.

My Story
I was a victim of drinking bad water on vacation in Punta Cana, where I believed that I was given filtered water to drink in the resort. It turns out that it wasn’t filtered at all, and I spent four days of my vacation so sick that I could barely walk. In that situation, I was limited to my water choices, but at home, I take full responsibility to ensure that I am drinking the cleanest water possible. After my experience in Punta Cana, I realized the dangers of contaminated water, and now I know that poor water quality is a serious matter that needs to be evaluated and resolved asap.

Ionizer Plates
Tyent has the BEST plates in the industry!

You may have heard about the importance of an ionizer's water cell & plates, but did you know that Tyent has the BEST plate technology that the industry offers!?? Find out how Tyent is leading the industry in this awesome video.

You've HEARD that Tyent is the BEST and you must be wondering HOW & WHY!??

What sets Tyent apart from the competition?
Unique Ionizers? ...Check!
Outstanding Quality?...Check!
Customer Service?...Check!
GREAT Pricing? Check!

You found Tyent because you've probably heard of our impeccable reputation... Now that you are here, watch this video to learn how and why you've made the PERFECT choice for your water ionizer needs!

Portable Water Purifier, Ionizer Pitcher - Tyent Tygo

The Tyent Tygo Water Ionizer is the single best solution if you are looking to drink pure & healthy Alkaline water when traveling or while you are camping.

The Tygo removes 99.9% of harmful chemicals like chlorine and heavy metal contaminants. It's BPA Free and delivers healthy and pure Alkaline water with a pH of 9.5.

No matter if you are camping out, hiking, or sporting outdoors the Tygo Portable Water Purifier comes handy delivering the best source of pure and healthy drinking water. Plus, you can always reuse your Tygo -- as it comes with a replaceable filter, so you need not have to worry about its performance.

2 Ways to Banish Blemishes and Psoriasis…What’s Best? Alkaline or Acidic Water?

Yes, Tyent water ionizers create “Beauty Water”… and it is a BIG HIT! With a Tyent water ionizer, you can squash skin problems in 2 ways:

  1. Drink Tyent’s antioxidant-rich alkaline water. All doctors, including Dr. Oz, promote the health benefits of antioxidants. Tyent’s alkaline water can help keep your skin clear from the inside out.
  2. Apply Tyent’s acidic level 2 water to your skin to soothe and help clear skin problems such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Tyent is featured all over the MEDIA and has COUNTLESS testimonials!

Don't just take our word for it! Tyent is proud to be featured in the media, and you can SEE how Tyent has positively impacted society through countless testimonials from EVERYDAY drinkers of Tyent Water!

Alkaline water...what is so special about it? We've all read or heard about alkaline water and its amazing health benefits, but there is so much more!

Alkaline water is great for more than drinking. There are so many incredible alkaline water benefits that we'll just shine a light on a few here. Did you know that with the right water ionizer setting you can turn your regular tap water into the ultimate cleaning product -- turbo-charged alkaline water? Additionally, the Tyent water ionizer doesn't require chemicals to achieve a high alkaline water pH like Kangen water ionizers. No more expensive chemicals to polish and shine your household surfaces!

Did you know that alkaline water can also better wash away the nasty herbicides and pesticides from your fruits and veggies? Most herbicides and pesticides are made to repel rain water so when you wash your food with regular water, it doesn't get rid of the chemicals at all. However, alkaline water quickly pulls the chemicals away from the food so you can serve fresh fruits and vegetables to your family without the worry of residual chemicals being ingested. Wow! All that just from a little water ionizer!

Of course, there's all the amazing alkaline water benefits for your health, too. Read more about alkaline water specifically from water ionizers HERE or check out the Tyent USA buyer's guide HERE. Or, of course, always feel free to contact us directly at 855-893-6887.

Funny! See the Top 2 Water Ionizers Beat the Competition

Here’s a fun, little video that highlights the power of Tyent’s TURBO button…it’s an industry exclusive. Tyent’s TURBO button allows users to create super strong pH levels without the use of chemicals. Let’s face it…there is nothing funny about adding chemicals to your water ionizer. Keep your water chemical-free, pure and healthy…insist on having Tyent’s TURBO button.

The Only Water Ionizer with BEAUTY and BRAINS! Get the Ultimate Water Ionizer Benefits Now

What do you want in a water ionizer?
Health benefits? …Check!
Beauty in your kitchen?...Check!
Easy to use? Check!

Tyent’s Story
Tyent’s goal is to make sure that every customer, no matter what part of the country they are from, have the cleanest and healthiest water available. We consistently accomplish that goal each and every hour of every day. Our customers are blessed with access to Tyent’s pure healthy water…at just the touch of a button, and we feel grateful to have such wonderful customers who care about quality.

Tyent offers specialized filters based on your unique water type. Plus, every one on staff is a certified water expert.

Additionally, we wanted all of our ionizers to look perfect in your kitchen…that’s why we spent years beautifying our machines to compliment any kitchen décor. From genuine stainless steel, to Smartphone screen technology… Tyent water ionizers allow you to get healthy while adding a beautiful addition to your home.

Check out the Tyent UCE in a million-dollar lake home!

The Tyent UCE is a timeless classic in almost ANY modern kitchen. What will the Tyent UCE Water Ionizer look like in your home??

Watch how Tyent Water cleans tomatoes and makes "endless" tea!

Tess from Tyent showcases the amazing properties of Tyent Water. With Tyent Water, how can you improve your lifestyle? Check out this video to see just a couple great uses of Tyent Ionized, Alkaline Water!

The Cleanest Alkaline Water... Advanced Ultra Filtration for the Best Ionized Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is best when it is free of chlorine, contaminants, impurities and heavy metals. That’s why Tyent spent years engineering the perfect water filters to work in the homes throughout the US and Canada. No other water ionizer company has developed special filters for this region. Tyent cares and it shows in each clean, delicious glass of alkaline water that is produced by our water ionizers. See our 3rd party water report for our filters now.

Is that a luxury Mercedes Airstream RV with a built-in UCE-11!?

Curt LOVES traveling the country with his beautiful dog, Birdie. However, he was NOT willing to go anywhere without his life-changing Tyent Water! Check out this video to see how he was able to convince Mercedes Airstream to accommodate his custom need for a RV with a built-in UCE-11.

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