FloJet BW4000-000A Bottled Water Dispensing System

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The FlojetBW4000-000A is an industry standard and is one of the finest pumps on the market at an affordable price. Bottled Water companies have sold and rented Flojet BW4000-000A pumps for years because of their impeccable reputation for quality and service.


- Illuminated On/Off Switch: Provides clear visibility in dark cabinets or hard to reach places
- Long Life Motor: Ensures years of reliable operation
- Flojet Diaphragm Pump: Provides dependable run dry capabilities, extending the life of the pump
- Quick Disconnect Port: Allows for easy wand replacement in seconds
- Quiet Operation: Equipped with noise dampening rubber feet to minimize noise pollution
- Thermal Protection: Prevents overheating, protecting the pump and control box from damage
- New Ergonomic T-Shaped Wand Handle: Allows for ease of installation and removal of wand from bottle


- Max. Flow Rate: 1.09 gpm 3.8 lpm
- Max. Pressure: 40 psi 2.76 bar
- Dimensions: 2.7"H x 5.4"W x 8.5"D inches (6.86H cm x 13.72W cm x 21.60D cm)
- Voltage: 115 or 230 VAC 12 Vdc
- Amp Draw: 12 Volt 3.0 Amps. Max. 115 Volt 0.5 Amps. Max. 230 Volt 0.25 Amps. Max.
- Cycles: AC models 50/60 Hz
- Weight: 4.5 lbs 2.04 kg

Asia's Secret to Health and Youthfulness

Tyent Asia's Secret

Tyent Water™ is more than just filtered water; it's HEALTHY WATER that is ionized and alkaline with more beneficial properties for you than conventional water. This amazing alkaline water is created through our time-tested water ionizers, which offer the best warranties and trial periods on the market. These state-of-the-art water ionizers install easily onto your faucet to give you the purest and healthiest water available, with just the touch of a button.

Tyent Water was developed in Asia and has been a secret to maintaining health, youthfulness and wellness for over 25 years. The concept of ionized alkaline water is fairly new in the USA, where mostly just a select few celebrities, Olympic gold medalists, doctors and nutritionists are currently reaping the water’s rewards.

Tyent Water hydrates better because the water has a smaller molecule cluster size. During the Tyent ionization process, the water is broken down into a much smaller form that helps penetrate your cells faster and easier, therefore fully quenching your thirst and hydrating your body.

Drinking Tyent Water is more beneficial than drinking anything else. Tyent Water offers numerous health benefits. Other beverages such as bottled water, tap water, reverse osmosis water and plain filtered water just cannot compete! Many doctors consider ionized alkaline water to be “alive” because it has many of the same qualities as the pure, oxygen-rich and mineral-rich spring water that can only be found atop of pristine mountain terrain.



Bottled water dispensing system. Voltage: 115 VAC Standard Models include 20 ft. (6.1m) of 1/4 in…

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